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The Destinations


Start at the top of the world … or should we say Beyond the Wall.  Iceland is a world of wonders and you’ll get to visit the Fist of the First Men, the Bloody Gate and Jon & Ygritte’s cave.  Bundle up.  We’ve got adventures in store!


If you want the world of Game of Thrones wrapped up in a nice little package, then Ireland is for you.  So many sites we can’t list them all – The Wall, Castle Black, Hardhome, Winterfell, Pyke, the King’s Road and more.  Get your sleep, this will be a busy couple of days in port!


Welcome to Dorne!  Let’s venture out to see Sunspear and the Water Gardens.  Want to visit the Tower of Joy?  The Citadel?  How about the Long Bridge of Volantis?  It’s all in Spain just waiting for you.


The first home of King’s Landing was Malta.  You can see where Ned Stark enters the city in Season 1, then head out to Mdina to see more of the seat of Aegon the Conquerer.  The Maltese architecture is sure to please!


Ahh, Dubrovnik!  Start with a walk to the Red Keep, then meander through the streets of King’s Landing.  Walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters, including Cersei’s walk of penance. Shame! — not at all!


Who can forget the first time you saw the steps to Dragonstone?  Here they are out of your imagination and into reality.  On this excursion you will fly to Bilbao, Spain, and be driven straight to this wonder.  Once atop the stairs you will be treated to delicious local cuisine with a breathtaking view.  This venture is the perfect add-on to Cruise of Thrones!

*Sold as a separate add-on.