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COVID-19 has had a tremendous effect on the travel industry, and Dalmatian Travel is no exception.  We’ve walked carefully through the last few months, and are happy to say – We’re still sailing!  In order to continue with Cruise of Thrones, we have made a few necessary changes, detailed below, and hope that our fans will jump aboard and support our efforts.  As always, you can contact us through our website – cruiseofthrones.com, at info@cruiseofthrones.com or at 770-253-3364.  We’re happy to answer all your questions.

Valar Morgulis.

  • Itinerary has been moved to May ’22
  • Sailing will be on the Celebrity Edge or Celebrity Apex
    • These are identical ships built 1 year apart
  • The cruise giveaway contest has been extended to July 18th
    • The winner will be announced on July 19th at 7pm EST
  • Reservations are still being delayed, however pre-deposits are being accepted
    • This enables you to reserve your spot on the boat
  • All deposits are only $500 until July 18th
  • Fans can help us move forward by donating to our first Kickstarter campaign
    • Begins June 16th – more details to come